Gladiator #0023

The greatest player to ever play the game


Primary Origin- Hawkoid
Secondary Origin- Engineered Human


  • STR- 11
  • CON- 14
  • DEX- 14
  • INT- 16
  • WIS- 18
  • CHA- 10

Physical Description
The Gladiator is recognizable by two distinct traits: his immense size and the 6 golden rings won in the pits that adorn his hands. Standing at 6’8", #0023 is built like a bull, though many believe he can fly.


When the Gladiator was thrown into Wrigley, he assumed that he was done for, though a strange fighting spirit awakened in him as he began bashing and gunning his way through the “tests” the Pits threw at him. At the start of the day he was a criminal and at the end of the day he was a legend, becoming the first man to fight his way to freedom. Today he fights professionally in Wrigley Pits, though for a brief period he retired to pursue a career as a professional cricket player. He soon came to his senses and return to dominate the Pits once again.

Gladiator #0023

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