When the year of 2012 passed without a hitch, humanity let loose a collective sigh made up of two parts relief and one part disappointment, because lets face it, nothing exciting ever happens around here, right? But then, weeks into 2013, as scientists at the Large Hadron Collider were beginning a series of new high-energy experiments, the Big Mistake came. No one ever really figured out what happened, but some how, in a single instant, an infinite number of universes all condensed into a single reality.

It is now the summer of 2121, 108 years since the Big Mistake. Countries have risen and fallen. Wars have been waged and won. Technologies have been forged and forgotten. The city of New Chicago has been overrun by gangs all vying for control of the city. The gang leaders have raised armies against one another, armies made of robots, mutants, monsters, and aliens. The streets run red (sometimes green) with blood. The Great Lakes have become toxic pits. People have been disappearing with no explanation. Those who still have houses are afraid to leave them. New Chicago has become a distopian nightmare. Oh yeah, and it’s hot, you know because it’s summer. Though it’s a little less humid then the Chicago before the Big Mistake so the weather is slightly more pleasant if you’re desperate to find a silver lining. Anyway…


New Chicago

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