Matterhorn "Matty" von Barleycorn

Master Manipulator


Primary Origin: Mind Coercer
Secondary Origin: Engineered Human


Matterhorn von Barleycorn was born Matterhorn von Barleysheeth. Raised in the outskirts of New Chicago, she’s built a very successful life as a high end prostitute. Sleeping with the most powerful of the most powerful for luxury goods and protection, she’s managed to live a very sheltered life.

This all ended the day she took a new client, Roger McNeil. Theirs was not only a business transaction; they had a very passionate romance. Until Roger’s husband, the crime lord, found out. Mad with jealousy and thirsty for blood he has been hunting Matterhorn for almost a year, forcing her to change her name.

While Matty may not be the stealthiest or most clever at naming, she is near perfect at the art of coersion. She was the girl who could convince you to do all of her homework with a single bat of an eyelash.

Some say she has the word of God, others say a mad scientist conducted experiments on her that gave her mind control ability. Most just say whatever she wants them to.

Matterhorn "Matty" von Barleycorn

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