Silent H

Your typical trenchcoated post-apocalyptic freedom fighter


Primary Origin- Unknown
Secondary Origin- Unknown


Physical Description
Roughly six feel tall with a thin build, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. Usually cloaked in a long black trench coat. Also, he’s got some pretty pale skin. The guy doesn’t see a lot of daylight.


H, as he often calls himself, is a legend of the underground in New Chicago. Few have seen him outside of his select hideouts though many have heard of the exploits of H and his followers. He never reveals his real name or any personal details and never asks any of those he works with, as he explains “It’s safer for everyone that way.” He has gained a reputation as being a thorn in the side of all the gang leaders of New Chicago as he has dedicated his life to the near futile effort of ending the reign of terror the gangs have over the city.

Silent H

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